Capacity Planning for You!

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Target market:

  • Any business with a projet portfolio to manage
  • Software editors

Service Offering:

  • Creation of an information system and software crossing workstreams with projects and organisations
  • Model and model-making framework for time accounting

Implementation phase:

  • One-week prototype
  • One-day per week follow-though

Advantages of this service:

  • Co-variant impact mastery of one project, resource-change on other projects and resource allocation possibilities;
  • Date mastery by the nature of the system;
  • Data mastery by crossing resource and delivery information;
  • Value mastery by incorporating financial information;
  • Updated system by incorporating timesheets;
  • Pre-filled-out timesheet templates;
  • Sounding-board advantages for managers, workers, sub-contractors, and even potentially clients;
  • Engagement tracking with sub-contractors; and,
  • Engagement crossing between team managers and project managers.

This service therefor :

  • Rationalizes the creation / production process with a common language / work breakdown structure between entities;
  • Brings tranquility to employees, sub-contractors, clients, and managers;
  • Objectifies the dates that are mathematically given rather than guesstimating;
  • Reinforces confidence with the objective dates that reflect reality and allow for finer-grained arbitration; and,
  • Is compatible with the state-of-the-art of different methodologies : PMI, CMMI, and, yes, Agile!

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