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Dear reader,

This blog post is much more detailed in French. I will just tell the general story here.

I was minding my own business when Lei asked me if I knew anyone who could use a custom iOS or Android application. Nope. Hmph, perhaps we could revive Managence and look for business with that!  Below is a concept map with the general idea.

Client-Application Development Concept MapSo, the obvious place to start was a website. Of course, when we exist virtually, we exist in reality. Everyone knows that! Here is a concept map of the website, very, very Concept MapWell, I had to update the content in anyway. Having both languages in one page really was not ideal. So I split the content into two different sites, mirroring one another, and separated the pages in preparation for the new CMS. Below is a concept map of the content of the website. Editorial Content Concept Map

I didn’t redo my website the old way. That would have been too easy. I researched Bootstrap, Diazo, and WordPress theming. With that leaning, I set up this website you see before you. I documented everything in a Google doc. Configuration management really is so important, and I try to incorporate it in the accompanying document. Technology Concept Map
Lei was a bit more experimental, starting with Django, Django CMS, Grails, Leyna, Magnolia, and Plone, WordPress; then with Bootstrap, Diazo, Pyraxe, HippoCMS, Lutece, OpenCMS, and SquareSpace; and, finally with Graxe, Joomla, Liferay, Nuxeo, and Vaadin. Technically, Graxe doesn’t exist outside of my head yet, and Pyraxe isn’t done. As you can tell, I compiled the lists. Lei is so patient sometimes, and sometimes not, as I saw when he gave up with a Joomla of all solutions!

Now, we have a Managence Bitbucket team in addition to our shared Google Drive directory.

Many thanks for the read,


Christopher Mann

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